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All cousin marriages
  Marriages Ancestors
NoDescent HusbandDates WifeDatesMarriage PlaceDateHusbandDates WifeDatesMarriage PlaceDate
1 2:2 Kelsey, Timothy 1716-1745 Barnes, Eunice 1721-1763Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A.1741Bronson, John 1644-1696Ventris, Sarah 1649-1712 Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A.1669
2 2:2 McIlmoyle, Charles Alvin 1830-1896 Nichols, Phoebe 1834-1900Bridgenorth, Smith Township, Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada1852Nichols, Benjamin 1774-1844Norton, Phoebe 1773-1835 of Bainbridge, Chenango, New York, U.S.A.1792
3 2:2 Mowrey, Augustus 1831-1920 McIlmoyle, Hannah 1834-1861Smith Township, Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada1853McIlmoyle, Hugh 1758-1838May, Jane 1753-1859 Edwardsburg, Ontario, Canada1793
4 2:2 Collins, Edward 1832-1907 Collins, Amanda 1838-1894Kincardine, Kincardine Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada1861Collins, Edward 1775-1843Lewis, Deborah 1780-1867
5 2:2 Nichols, Elias 1832-1858 McIlmoyle, Jane 1832-1883Bridgenorth, Smith Township, Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada1851Nichols, Benjamin [2]1774-1844Norton, Phoebe [2]1773-1835 of Bainbridge, Chenango, New York, U.S.A.1792
6 2:2 Parker, Rowland Thompson 1839-1890 Parker, Ann Elizabeth 1828-Parker, Jesse 1766-1813Moore, Sophia 1764- Saint Martin, Birmingham, Warwick, England1789
7 2:2 Kidd, Robert E. 1844-1920 Kidd, Elizabeth 1847-1923Dummer Township, Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada1872Kidd, Alexander 1780-1868White, Christiana 1781-1866 Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland1804
8 2:2 Bowser, William Humphrey 1847-1912 Crossman, Martha Ann 1846-19251869Crossman, David Sr. 1785-Wry, Sarah 1786-
9 2:2 Pascoe, John Henry 1850-1923 Pascoe, Louisa 1850-19351870Pascoe, James 1787-1857Williams, Alice 1787-1866 , Cornwall, England1813
10 2:2 McIlmoyle, Nathan 1867-1925 Pearson, Abigail Nichols 1869-1930McIlmoyle, William 1804-1885Nichols, Judah Margaret 1808-1883 St. Peter's Anglican Church, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada1826
11 2:2 Pascoe, Joseph Henry 1874-1963 Pascoe, Elizabeth Jane 1876-1960Australia1900Pascoe, Martin Prist 1821-1894Kinsman, Sarah 1820-1896 Redruth, Cornwall, England1841
12 2:2 Atkinson, Herbert Justin 1885-1958 Barker, Mabel 1889-1912Atkinson, Robert Furniss 1818-1886Neilson, Margaret Estella 1820-1888 Grey County, Ontario, Canada1843
13 2:3 Hunt, Thomas 1828- Shaw, Margaret 1838-1911Pakenham, Ontario, Canada1855Geelan, Robert 1760-Johnson 1749- Ireland1770
14 2:3 Dunn, James 1832- Young, Mary 1839-Marlborough Township, Grenville City, Ontario, Canada1857Brown, Nathan 1759-1834McIlmoyle, Mary 1757-1832 Oswegatchie, St Lawrence City, New York, U.S.A.1786
15 2:3 Willoughby, Richard 1835-1917 Willoughby, Ann 1838-1905Illogan Parish Church, Cornwall, England1854Willoughby, Oliver 1739-1801Webster, Margaret 1736-1813 , Camborne, Cornwall, England1760
16 2:3 Hunt, John 1848-1908 Needham, Sarah 1851-1931Canada1872Hunt, John 1778-1864Gillan, Latetia 1782-1852 Curraun,County Leitrim, Ireland1804
17 3:2 Needham, James 1849-1924 Hunt, Alice Latetia 1856-1945Fitzroy, Carleton, Ontario, Canada1884Hunt, John [2]1778-1864Gillan, Latetia [2]1782-1852 Curraun,County Leitrim, Ireland1804
18 3:2 Needham, Robert 1853-1938 Hunt, Latetia 1858-1940Canada1880Hunt, John [3]1778-1864Gillan, Latetia [3]1782-1852 Curraun,County Leitrim, Ireland1804
19 2:3 McIlmoyle, Nathan 1871-1900 Clarke, Mary Louise 1875-19491892McIlmoyle, John 1799-1869Nichols, Abigail 1813-1864 St. Peter's Anglican Church, Cobourg, Hamilton Township, Northumberland Co., Ontario, Canada1827
20 2:3 Stirling, Alexander 1871-1942 Dempsey, Mabel Loretta 1883-1951Stirling, James 1792-1887Laurence, Elizabeth 1795-1866 Panbride Parish (near Carnoustie), Forfarshire, Scotland1825
21 3:2 Needham, Hiram 1875- Hunt, Martha 1873-1926Fitzroy, Carelton, Ontario, Canada1901Hunt, John [4]1778-1864Gillan, Latetia [4]1782-1852 Curraun,County Leitrim, Ireland1804
22 2:3 Crossman, Arthur Richmond 1876-1958 Crossman, Tilly M. Westmorland County, New Brunswick, Canada1905Crossman, David Sr. [2]1785-Wry, Sarah [2]1786-
23 2:3 McIlmoyle, Percy Clinton 1894-1959 Nichols, Estella May 1898-19751916McIlmoyle, William [2]1804-1885Nichols, Judah Margaret [2]1808-1883 St. Peter's Anglican Church, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada1826
24 2:3 Godfrey, Sherman Elwood 1915-1963 Graham, Mary Louise 1920-1968McIlmoyle, Johnathon 1845-1907Jewel, Margaret Ann 1845-1906 1866
25 3:3 Stewart, Charles 1849-1906 Ferguson, Mary Ann 1852-Kincardine, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada1871Geelan, Robert [2]1760-Johnson [2]1749- Ireland1770
26 3:3 McIlmoyl, Charles 1851-1932 Freeburn, Margaret Mary 1856-19321874McIlmoyle, Hugh [2]1758-1838May, Jane [2]1753-1859 Edwardsburg, Ontario, Canada1793
27 3:3 McIlmoyl, Charles [2]1851-1932 Freeburn, Margaret Mary [2]1856-19321874Nichols, Benjamin [3]1774-1844Norton, Phoebe [3]1773-1835 of Bainbridge, Chenango, New York, U.S.A.1792
28 3:3 Nichols, Peter Pearson 1866-1944 McIlmoyle, Sarah 1875-19321896Nichols, Benjamin [4]1774-1844Norton, Phoebe [4]1773-1835 of Bainbridge, Chenango, New York, U.S.A.1792
29 3:3 Crossman, Clarence 1867-1925 Crossman, Theora 1876-Sackville, Westmorland County, New Brunswick, Canada1894Crossman, David Sr. [3]1785-Wry, Sarah [3]1786-
30 3:3 Willoughby, James Lander 1867-1926 Kinsman, Mary Frances 1863-1930Wesley Chapel, Redruth, Cornwall, England1894Locket, John        -1822Bartle, Sarah 1773- Redruth, Cornwall, England1794
31 3:3 Crossman, Fuller J. 1881-1946 Crossman, Arvilla May 1889-1958Amherst, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, Canada1908Crossman, David Sr. [4]1785-Wry, Sarah [4]1786-
32 3:3 Crossman, Delmar LeBurton 1883-1966 Crossman, Mary Elizabeth 1882-1960Amherst, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, Canada1905Crossman, David Sr. [5]1785-Wry, Sarah [5]1786-
33 3:3 McIlmoyle, Nelson Raymond 1884-1960 McIlmoyl, Nellie Blanche 1885-1975Apsley, Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada1905McIlmoyle, Hugh [3]1758-1838May, Jane [3]1753-1859 Edwardsburg, Ontario, Canada1793
34 3:3 McIlmoyle, Nelson Raymond [2]1884-1960 McIlmoyl, Nellie Blanche [2]1885-1975Apsley, Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada1905Nichols, Benjamin [5]1774-1844Norton, Phoebe [5]1773-1835 of Bainbridge, Chenango, New York, U.S.A.1792
35 3:4 Ferguson, Francis George 1865- Griffith, Elizabeth 1871-Kincardine Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada1888Geelan, Robert [3]1760-Johnson [3]1749- Ireland1770
36 4:4 Garbutt, Bruce Norman 1881-1959 Nichols, Eva May 1883-19751909Nichols, Benjamin [6]1774-1844Norton, Phoebe [6]1773-1835 of Bainbridge, Chenango, New York, U.S.A.1792

The table shows families where the husband and wife are already closely related, showing also the common ancestors. To view the relationships, click on the individuals, or to view the descent line of the common paternal or maternal ancestor click the ancestors.
† indicates that the relationship is only through one parent (i.e. a half relationship).
* indicates that the relationship is through an adoption or other legal relationship.

The descent column shows the number of generations to the common ancestor (husband:wife), so that

If present, 1:2 and 2:1 are uncle/niece and aunt/nephew and 1:1 are siblings and 0:1 or 1:0 are parent/child (if at least one grandparent is present).
[2] indicates this is the second occurrence of a person in the list. Clicking on the link will show just relationships involving that person.